Ups and Downs

Highs and Lows
Peaks and Valleys
Crests and Troughs
Pinnacles and Hollows
Life is a roller coaster

Okay, enough of the platitudes. Our lives will always have its ups and downs.

I have been down for a while now. Many possible reasons why, there is probably not just one thing. My mind, motivation, and view of the world has not been where it has been in the past and where it should be.

I have been working on shifting back to some the of the simple and basic things that helped me change my life in the first place: Awareness, Choice, and Why.
Duder’s Challenge
Are you ‘aware’ that something might need to change in your life? A good indicator is when you look in the mirror. Do you like that person or do you cringe.

If you become aware that something is not right and you need to do something different, then you need to make a choice. Choose to make the change or choose not to. Look in the mirror and tell yourself of the choice.

Why? What is your why? There has to be some inkling of why you want to do something. Everyone’s why will be different, but your why can and should be a motivational driver for change.

Work through these basic ideas and steps.  This gives a foundation to build on.
Random Running Thoughts

This podcast intro music is a perfect running cadence,,, wonder how I can get this song…

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