Why 50 Miles?

I have my 50 mile race in 3 days. I knew a while ago that I wanted to do a 50 mile race. I put that milestone on my list of goals and targets. But why 50 miles? Why is that particular mileage so significant for me?

50 years old was a trigger age and when my transformation journey truly began. 50 years old brought up past regrets, regrets of things I had done and mostly things I had not done. These thoughts and regrets really gave me some motivation and drive to change some things.

I can now look back and have some gratitude for that 50 years old birthday. It was painful, but was something that was needed for me.

This 50 mile race might be painful, but it is something I need to do. It is so symbolic of all the changes in my life.

Duder’s Challenge
I am excited for this race. However, I cannot treat this as the end goal. This is just another step on the journey. A milestone, a single step up the mountain, a check box on the journey of life.

When the race is finished, does that mean I am done? Have met my accomplishment so I can now stop?


I have already signed up for another 50 miler in June of this year.

Always have a set of milestones on the calendar.

Live in the Challenge.

Random Running Thoughts
So, should I plan on doing a 100 miler when I am 100 years old??

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