Why are you not being silly Beebop?

Sometimes, I have the privilege of driving my granddaughter, June, to the bus stop in the mornings before she goes to school. She is 5 and is in kindergarten.We usually spend this time being silly with each other, smiling, laughing, singing and just plain having fun.Two days ago, I was having a stressful morning and not feeling very happy. June asked me, “why are you not being silly Beebop?”I was not acting angry, mad, or anything like that, but I was acting a little introspective and quiet. My thoughts and attention were somewhere else. June picked up on that pretty quick and her question made me realize that I was not present with her at that moment.
Duder’s Challenge
My time with June is very important to me and sometimes I need her to remind me of that. When we are with the people we love and who are important to us, are we present in the moment? Our world is nothing but distractions, especially our phones and even our tv.This week, spend some time simply evaluating your time with friends and family.  Are you present?  If not, ask yourself why not.  Then take some steps to be present.
Random Running Thoughts
After taking a few days off after my 50 miler, I have been back out running. Fist time out, the song “on the road again” from Willie Nelson was hanging around in my head.

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